Windows Orient Xp Free download

Untuk sobat sobat yg gemar koleksi windows, Windows Orient Xp (2011) bisa menjadi salah satu koleksi Windows yang cukup menarik.

Windows Orient Xp (Single Link) | 665Mb

Version original - accept the update - Gamez - did not delete anything from components IE 8 WMP 11 Version supports SATA Digital Clear Bad sectors - integrated with IE 8 and WMP 11

Version is very light and stable

Download link  Windows XP Orient

Minggu Pagi Di Victoria Park

Relased : 2010
Country : Indonesia
Format File : AVI
Starring : Lola Amaria, Titi Sjuman, Donny Alamsyah, Imelda Soraya, Permatasari Harahap
Genre : Drama

Mayang is the first child of the couple Mr.Sukardi and Mrs. Lastri.
She was dispatched to Hong Kong as migrant workers. With a sense of ignorance and fear she studied and worked at the same time survive in the family and the country is very foreign to her.
Mayang has high ideals and in fact she was reluctant to become migrant workers.
But her parents thrust on to her to find Sekar, her sister who have become migrant workers in Hong Kong for two years but she disappeared without a word.