People Killed after the eruption of Merapi Second growing up

The death toll from the eruption of Mount Merapi on 4 November 2010 continues to grow. Today, the death toll increased 10 inhabitants. The total death toll to 161 people.

than 10 deaths increased, as many as eight bodies found today. Six bodies found in Ngancar, Cangkringan, while two bodies found in Bangkalan, Cangkringan. For victims who were treated to reach 91 people. Consisting of 20 patients with serious burns and 71 patients with minor injuries.

As for reports of missing this sat recorded reached 253 people. Most were Cangkringan. "Currently in forensics is still there 12 bodies. 10 which arrived today, and 2 of yesterday. The possibility of tomorrow is the funeral mass," said Trisno.

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