Passenger plane belonging to Air Yemenia companies fell in the Indian Ocean, near Comoros Island, Tuesday (30/6). with a 150 people passenger. from various news, there is 1 person of the passenger who survived. the location of the fall is not yet known. Minister of Comoros, Hamid Bourhane, ordered the army to find the location of the fall of the aircraft and passengers, "Currently, we have no information whether there are survivors," said Bourhane.

A company official said some Air Yemenia aircraft that destroyed the body was found. Officials could not be sure whether there are passengers who survived. Two French military aircraft and a ship has left Mayotte and Reunion island in the Indian Ocean to explore the existence of the Yemenia plane.

Weather conditions are very bad; blustery wind and huge waves. Wind speed recorded on the runway for the airport 61 km (38 miles) per hour. Possible factor there are still other. This incident is the second time Airbus fall to the sea in this month. An aircraft Airbus A300-200 France also have fallen in the Atlantic Ocean that killed 228 passengers, June 1st ago.

Minister of France said the plane was not damaged in a fall at the time when trying to do an emergency landing due to bad weather near the comoros, Tuesday.
A UN official in the airport, who refused his name is called, said that the tower has received notice that the plane will make an emergency landing, but then dropped out of the relationship.

Comoros archipelago consists of three small volcanic islands, Grande Comore, Anjouan and Moheli, in the canal Mozambique, 300 km (190 miles) northwest Madagascar and east with the same distance is the African mainland.
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