Transformer 2 VS Chevy Camaro

One of the products of pride General Motors, Chevy Camaro sales increased. As a result, prices rise. with the Transformers movie: Revenge of the Fallen . image and the Camaro sales rise. in that movie, yellow camaro who can transform to be autobot called the Bumblebee.

It was also reported, the first five days Transformers 2 playing in various theaters around the world have produced income of U.S. $ 291.2 million. Therefore also, the success of the film follow up sales Camaro.

GM factory in Oshawa that produces Camaro, this time employees must work overtime to meet consumer demand. GM expects, Camaro sales in June is almost double the sales month in May, the unit from 5463 into 9000 units in more.
Variants are sold at most SS black, 25 percent of all consumer Camaro ordered in the United States.

quoted from the daily compass (Rabu, 1/7/2009)

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