Michael Jacson Memorial's Free Tickets

Staples Center has been selected as the official public place for Michael Jackson Memorial. Free ticket to the second will be distributed in a random. if tou want to gat it You must register in

8750 the name will be taken to receive 2 free tickets for each of the Staples Center or the Nokia Theater. You must have a ticket for entry. Appeared that the funeral is planned for Michael Jackson, who according to previous reports will be held next Tuesday, July 7 at Staples Center in LA, will be used as a memorial service was opened to the public.

And when official confirmation of this is expected to be done by the end of the singer's family on Friday, July 3, just speculation that the show will have given 11,000 free tickets for fans to attend the service. because of the many ticket requests for the anticipation nana who register their names on the web site will be taken stapes center and announce on the day in the week to get a ticket for free

City Councilwoman Jan Perry is pushing people to stay home and watch TV in the warning. The ceremony will not be on display on a giant TV screen and will not funeral procession through the city. Funeral will be broadcast live on local television stations.

reported that more than 750,000 people from around the world are expected to attend the memorial. According to ABC News, about 2,500 police will be placed around the Staples Center in a bid to anticipate the large groups that occupy the downtown area.

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